The Oregon Transportation Commission encourages greater local participation in the state's transportation planning and project development process through regionally-based, advisory bodies called "area commissions on transportation." The January 5, 1999, State Community Solutions Team Memorandum of Understanding that established the Lower John Day Regional Partnership also provided for the Partnership to perform the role and function of an area commission on transportation. Approval of this proposal by the Oregon Transportation Commission established the Lower John Day Regional Partnership (LJDRP) as an Area Commission on Transportation (ACT) for the Gilliam, Sherman, Wasco, Wheeler County area of Oregon..




1. the understanding of Transportation issues affecting the Lower John Day region including a portion of the Warm Springs Reservation,


2. the discussion of solutions and opportunities relating to transportation within the Region and Reservation,


3. the development of structures and partnerships between the incorporated cities, counties the state Department of Transportation and the Reservation to meet common transportation needs within the region,


4. the coordination of joint projects and planning for the regions entire transportation system across jurisdictions and including where appropriate, the Warm Springs Reservation system.



1. the condition of the region’s transportation infrastructure,


2. the process for determining capital investments,


3. project prioritization.




1. priorities for state transportation infrastructure and capital investments such as the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)


2. the development of an implementation strategy based on state and local transportation plans related to the Lower John Day region including the Reservation.




1. LJDACT region transportation issues,


2. develop required legislation,


3. for region specific transportation needs,


4. for needed changes in Administrative Rule




1. the Oregon Transportation Commission on state and regional policies affecting the Lower John Day region's transportation system.


2. the governing bodies of the partner jurisdictions on transportation related matters


3. the Oregon Congressional Delegation on specific regional LJDACT transportation issues.



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